Under Deb Kerr, the Brown Deer School District was a financial mess

Here are the facts:

The district’s accounts were overdrawn by half a million dollars, slamming her district with late fees.

“… the district’s bank accounts had been overdrawn by about a half-million dollars. The banking overdrafts resulted in $1,500 in late fees for the district between December 2008 and January 2009.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3/8/2021

“… the district had lost more than $260,000 in state aid or federal fund losses, missed payment deadlines for bills from vendors for $585,000 and was late with its property tax payments to the Village of Brown Deer.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3/8/2021

Instead of firing the employee responsible, he was given paid leave – costing taxpayers a hundred thirty-six thousand more to pay him to do nothing.

“Kerr placed Edward Towle, the school district’s business manager, on paid administrative leave …”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3/8/2021

“According to the state Department of Public Instruction, Towle’s salary and fringe benefits amounted to $136,451 in 2009-’10. At the same time, the district paid a consultant $48 an hour to perform Towle’s duties …”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 5/14/10

“… Brown Deer Superintendent Deborah Kerr wrote a letter to ‘enthusiastically recommend’ his possible hiring by a Chicago-area school district. The letter of recommendation, which was written in March and only recently released months after it was requested, praised business manager Edward Towle’s leadership and communication skills as well as his proficiency in accounting and understanding of the state’s funding system. ‘Edward has had a great number of experiences in his 16 years in school business administration that have enabled him to grow as a professional,’ Kerr wrote. ‘That is something money simply cannot buy and will be an asset to a future employer.’ Calling Towle’s possible departure ‘regrettable,’ Kerr also referred to him as a ‘good steward of public funds’ …”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/19/10


Scandals. Cover-Ups. Taxpayer money wasted.
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